Picada Tapeo Restaurante, BF Homes

Last Father’s Day, after visiting Daddy in Manila Memorial we decided to try this new restaurant in BF Homes along Aguirre Avenue. The restaurant is near Central, if you’re more familiar with this gimik spot. From the name itself, you would guess it right that they serve Spanish cuisine. We were a group of 5 so we were able to try a few more dishes. Mental note to self: I should always bring my camera, huhu, these were just taken using my phone so the quality is not the best.

Here’s a copy of their full menu; as it says, it’s still their Soft Opening Menu —




The space is not that big and since we didn’t have a reservation on Father’s Day, we decided to have dinner early. And true enough, the space filled up pretty fast. The middle part was reserved by one family so that left just a few other tables. We were supposed to stay in the front part of the restaurant but the seats didn’t have a backrest hehe good thing there’s a little private nook by the bar so that’s where we decided to sit.

After perusing the menu, we were salivating over all the Pintxos (pinchos — small finger foods served at bars & taverns) but we also had to leave room for the appetizers and the main course hehe. They served complimentary bread with pesto.


Some of the pintxos we ordered —

Chorizo and Quail Egg (Php 165)
Pringa (slow roasted beef & pork shredded with chorizo) & Tomato Chutney (Php 175)
Mushroom & Truffle (Php 175)

A few appetizers 🙂

Chopitos — deep fried baby squid, pimiento aioli (Php 225)
Croquette — 3 cheeses bechamel, truffle, pimiento aioli (Php 245)

Their Salpicao is sooo gooooddddd!! We each had a piece and decided right then to order another one without finishing the first one yet; it’s that good! The meat was tender and melt-in-your-mouth! The sauce was not too salty and had the right balance of soy sauce and olive oil and all other magic ingredients they put in it. 😛 We definitely mopped up that sauce with the toasted bread.

Salpicao — beef tenderloin, garlic, paprika, olive oil, toasted bread (Php 295)

And here are the dishes we had for our main course —

Almejas Pasta — garlic, olive oil, white wine, Manila clams, smoked ham, linguine (Php 215)
Paella Valencia — Saffron rice, chicken, pork, chorizo, shellfish (Php 475)
Carne Asada — slow roasted beef belly (roast beef), seasonal vegetables, Au jus (Php 395)

We were so full after our lovely dinner that we literally didn’t have space for dessert as much as we wanted to try what they had to offer.

I cannot wait to go back and have the Salpicao again! Ang sarap siguro with rice, haha! 🙂

Picada Tapeo Restaurante
252 Aguirre Avenue,
BF Homes, Parañaque
Monday to Saturday, 4PM to 1AM
Sunday, 11AM to 3PM, 6PM to 10PM

Nadai Fujisoba, SM Aura

We are not done with soba yet, haha! Mr. A craved for cold soba again; I think he is on a quest to find the best. We got there pretty early for dinner so there wasn’t much of a crowd yet but by the time we were done there were already a few people waiting outside. The location is unexpected as it’s not in any of the restaurant areas of the mall. Nevertheless, we were full to the brim with yummy soba.

Nadai Fujisoba’s full menu:

Some interior shots:




Our orders:

First, a few condiments: salt, pepper, soy sauce, chili oil, and crrrunchy tempura batter bits – I loved this!


Ebi Ten Mori Soba (Php 300) — cold dipping soba noodles, prawn tempura, onion leeks, wakame seaweedCold Soba

Kake Udon (Php 180) — udon noodles, onion leeks, wakame seaweed

Kake Udon

Karaage Soba (Php 280) — soba noodles, chicken, onion leeks, wakame seaweed

Karaage Soba

Nadai Fujisoba
Lower Ground Floor,
SM Aura Premier,
C5 corner 26th Street,
Bonifacio Global City,
Taguig City
Monday to Sunday, 10AM to 10PM
(02) 7773333

Foodie Finds 01

I’m not one to go with fashion trends but good food finds? Count me in! Here are a few things I’ve tried over the past few months. Hoping to add other discoveries to this “series” real soon. 🙂

BLK 513

Don’t be fooled (or scared?) by the black/gray color of this yogurt. Its smooth & creamy texture will surely satisfy your palate. According to BLK 513’s Facebook page, they are the country’s first activated-charcoal enhanced frozen yogurt. Activated charcoal is a global remedy for anti-aging, bloating, and heart health. I love how they layer the toppings so that you don’t finish all the toppings before you get to the middle. They have a whole range of toppings & sauces that you can choose from so there’s something for everyone. I ordered a Dark Skim Cup which has 1 crunch, 2 fruits, & 1 sauce for Php 185. I had mangoes, strawberries, faux Ferrero (milk chocolate, hazelnut, & crispy cereal), and milk chocolate syrup.


Lava Cheese Tart

I love, love, love cheese! So it was a given that I will eventually try this. They have 3 flavors now (2 when I first tried it) — Original, Gorgonzola & Honey, and the Limited Edition Prosciutto & Melon Gelee. True to their posters, these tarts are definitely perfectly golden brown on the outside and soft & gooey on the inside. It is quite pricey though but I’ll still buy it every once in a while. Php 85/piece, Php 255/box of 3, & Php 480/box of 6.


Purple Yam Affogato

After a hearty lunch in Estancia Mall, Mr. A and I had dessert at Purple Yam cafe. They have a whole range of ice cream flavors to choose from that are out of the ordinary — macapuno, avocado, banana caramel, strawberry rhubarb, & of course ube/purple yam to name a few. I had their Affogato (Php 200), shot of espresso with a scoop of nipa pandan ice cream. It was strooong (duh) but very flavorful. The ice cream flavor was not your usual vanilla but the subtle flavor of the pandan was just right. This is just a screenshot of a gif that I have, still can’t upload gifs hehe.


Vietnamese Iced Coffee

One very hot and humid afternoon, Mr. A and I went to Greenhills to watch a movie and decided to have late lunch at Zao. I decided to get a Vietnamese Iced Coffee (Php 155) to help cool me down. It’s a strong highland roast coffee using the traditional filter method combined with sweet milk and poured over a glass of ice. It had just the right kick and it definitely hit the spot.

Vietnamese Iced Coffee

Green Pastures small plates

Mr. A and I had a short (but sweet) midweek lunch last week and since we couldn’t go far, we just had lunch at Green Pastures which is around his work area. They are known for serving organic, farm to table food. These 2 dishes were a hit for me and I could eat them every.single.day.

KFC (Korean Fried Cauliflower) Php 230 — soy glazed with house made Sriracha mayo. It was crispy/crunchy in the outside and moist & flavorful in the inside. I could eat it as it is without the Sriracha mayo, but the sauce also brings a different flavor to it.


House Made Cheese (served with toast bread) Php 270 — ricotta: cow’s milk, made fresh daily with onion jam, & roasted garlic. This was heavenly! You spread the roasted garlic first on the toasted bread then put a generous amount of the cheese & onion jam on top. I loved the jam with the cheese; it brought a whole other flavor to the cheese which complemented it well. One thing I can say about this dish is I hope they serve it with more bread next time. We could’ve ordered more but the first serving should have more pieces of bread, IMO.


Mother’s Day 2017

We had Mother’s Day lunch in our Lola’s (grandmother) house and just had food delivered. We initially wanted to take her out but she insisted on just having lunch at home. We had Shakey’s for lunch and we had a feast!

We were given an extra pizza though (Manager’s Choice) because one of the pizza we ordered got folded (?) and when we received it we found out that it didn’t have the fresh cilantro pesto drizzle on top (huhu cilantro! I looove cilantro) — fail! But nevertheless, we had a nice quiet Mother’s day lunch at home.

Our free Manager’s Choice – Shakey’s number 1 flavor, loaded with ham, beef, Italian sausage, green bell pepper, & onions.
The fail Texas Chicken BBQ – Tasty chicken barbecue, red onions, rich smoky barbecue sauce, cheddar cheese, drizzled with fresh cilantro pesto, all on top of Shakey’s signature thin crust.

Texas Bbq
This is how it’s supposed to look like

Scallop Primo Pizza – Premium seafood pizza, loaded with mouth-watering baby scallops, crab kani, basil strips & parsley flakes; available for a limited time only
Classic Pepperoni Pizza


Forever love Shakey’s Chicken & Mojos

** All photos on this post were taken using a Sony RX100 Mark IV

Shakey’s Pizza Parlor
(02) 77-777

Ogetsu Hime, SM Aura

Mr. A and I were on our way out of BGC to go home last night but traffic was worse than usual so we decided to just go to SM Aura and have dinner.

He just had a procedure done to his throat last Wednesday so we couldn’t just eat anywhere. We were thinking of cold soba because he was advised to eat something cold more often after the procedure to soothe the pain. We passed by Ogetsu and asked if they had cold soba, when they said yes, we didn’t bother to look anywhere else.

This was our first time eating in Ogetsu Hime so we didn’t know what to expect. Upon perusing the menu, I felt overwhelmed (in a good way) because they had so much food to choose from. Of course, we ordered the cold soba but then they had a sale on some of their teppanyaki offerings so last minute Mr. A ordered wagyu hehe.

To start off, we had some Norwegian Salmon sashimi. Look at that marbling! It was creamy, buttery, and melt-in-your-mouth. I’m a tuna girl but Mr. A wanted salmon so we ordered that which means I get to choose what roll to get. 🙂

Php 450

Now, on to my choice. I looove cheese! So when I saw this, it was a winner for me. This is the Momo Tera Maki. It is a foil wrapped heated chicken teriyaki & asparagus rolled in orange ebiko and topped with creamy bechamel, torched mozzarella cheese & light teriyaki sauce topped with crunchy bacon bits. It tastes as good as it sounds & looks! It was so good & cheesy! This is the only photo I have of it. They serve it with the foil closed and they will do the big reveal on your table.

Php 205

The noodles,  Tenzaru Chasoba, came and we were surprised to see how huge the order was and we still had the wagyu teppanyaki. The noodles were flavorful and the sauce was very good. The order came with 2 pieces of Ebi Tempura. I had 2 mouthfuls of the noodles & 1 piece of tempura and they did not disappoint.

Php 350

Eto na ang pahabol na order, hehe. This is the Japanese Wagyu Steak with Spicy Kurobota Sausage, original price is Php 900 and it was being offered at 50% off. The beef was really tender. I didn’t need to teeth to bite it!

Php 450



We definitely need to go back to try their other dishes. There were a lot more Japan’s Best Beef teppanyaki offerings which were so tempting at 50% off.

Ogetsu Hime
5F, SM Aura Premiere, 
C5 Corner 26th Street,
BGC, Taguig
Monday to Friday, 11 AM to 2 PM, 5:30 PM to 10 PM
Saturday to Sunday, 11 AM to 11 PM
(02) 5199840
(02) 5199740

Homemade Crabstick Tempura


While Mr. A was getting ice from the freezer earlier this morning, I caught a glimpse of frozen crabsticks and I had an idea for lunch. Good thing my brother in law is quite into Japanese food so we had a few ingredients available to use.

This is no way an accurate recipe as we relied on trial & error and on the Google translate app, haha.

I defrosted the crabsticks for a few seconds in the microwave to soften them up just a tiny bit but not too much for them to be too soggy. Mr. A had the idea to add veggies as well so he chopped up green bell peppers & onions to add to the crabsticks.

After peeling the crabsticks, I prepared the batter. It was not in English hence I entrusted the help of my Google translate app. The instruction said it was about 4 cups of the frying mix to 3 cups of water but since that was going to be too much, I just used 2 cups of the mix to 1.5 cups of water (ginamit ko yung cup na pang bigas). I added salt to taste and yes, I forgot the pepper, hehe.

I just dipped the crabsticks & veggies in the batter and fried them in batches of 3-5 to avoid overcrowding the pan. It was quite quick to cook so you had to keep an eye on them to avoid overcooking.

In the middle of cooking the crabsticks, I realized I didn’t check if we had anything for the tempura sauce, haha, very good. I scavenged the cabinet and brought out all the non-English bottles I found and used the Google translate app.


From left to right: cooking sake, mirin, old fashioned patis, and soy sauce. I Googled for a tempura sauce recipe and found a ‘simple’ one which was 1 part mirin, 1 part soy sauce, and 4 parts dashi. We only had mirin & soy sauce, so I again, Googled for a dashi substitute. Found out that dashi is a stock made from fish and kelp; or a seafood stock base. So I Googled some more and found out that patis can be a substitute.

In a saucepan, I put in 1/4 cup of the mirin, 1/4 cup of soy sauce, 1/4 cup cooking sake, and about 3/4 of the 1/4 cup of patis. Waited for it to simmer a bit to cook out the alcohol of the sake and did the taste test and adjusted (a lot) to taste. We grated ginger to be added after but we just mixed it in the saucepan. I doubled the measurements above since we ended up with just a small amount of the sauce during the first measurement. It ended up to be tooo salty, haha. We adjusted the sauce with sugar and (a lot of) water. 😛

It was a fun experience cooking together with Mr. A and enjoying our ‘masterpiece’ for lunch with miki-bihon pancit on the side courtesy of our helper.


Crunchy Crab, Kapitolyo

A few weeks ago, Mr. A was still craving for seafood after our Friday lent dinner. So the day after, we invited our friends to try out Crunchy Crab in Kapitolyo (in front of Ace Water Spa). I booked a reservation via the Booky app again and we got P200 off from our total bill plus a free dessert.

Love the cute shrimp detail on the table




There’s a good choice of different items on the menu but their specialty is seafood so it takes up most of the choices. They have 1 chicken dish and 1 pork, both are rice toppings.

For appetizers, we had the Baked Mussels and Crab Dynamite — shredded crab & veggies with cheese stuffed inside green chilis. This was good but it got too spicy for me, haha! The sauce that came with it was quite small considering the huge chilis but when we asked for more, they were charging Php 15 for it. We didn’t bother and just asked for ketchup & mayo.

Crab Dynamite (Php 165)
Baked Mussels (Php 320)

As we were a group of 5, we were able to try quite a few items from their menu. Of course, we had their crabs and shrimps in a bucket in different sauces. To accompany all the savory food we’ll have, I ordered the Strawberry Kiwi Shake.


Without further ado, below are the best sellers that we ordered. Their claim to fame is the Soft Shell Crab Burger which we did not order. Sorry for soft shell crab lovers but I am not a fan *peace*. Not in picture anymore but we also ordered about 6 pieces of corn cob (Php 15 per 1/3 piece) and a few cups of steamed white rice.

Fish Taco (Php 160)
SanFo Fish & Chips (Php 185)
Shrimp Bucket in Mango Tango Sauce (Php 310 for 1/2 lb)
Crab Bucket in Salted Egg Sauce (Php 999; 3 buckets x 300g)
Crab Bucket in Original Sauce (oyster sauce based)

Thanks to my Booky app reservation, after answering the survey and showing it to the server we got a free dessert of 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce, yay! We ordered another dessert to share which is their Lemon Cheesecake.



We had such a nice time that we ended up staying until closing. The boys already had one of the owners stuck with them and the girls had a nice catch up time.

Crunchy Crab
16 United Street, Kapitolyo, Pasig City
Monday to Sunday, 11 AM to 11 PM
+63 9754845084