Christmas 2017

Whoahhh, that was quite a break! Last post I made was August 2017, huhu, I’m so sorry! I promised myself I’ll post at least once a month, but guess that’s out the window. But nevertheless, hello, I’m back! 😛

We had a nice quiet Christmas holiday with family and it was more than anything I could ever ask for. Of course, we will always miss Daddy.

Sister #3 decided to make Paella from scratch for Christmas Eve dinner and she didn’t plan on doing a trial run prior, haha, such a brave girl; but it as a success! She decided to cook it over the bbq grill to ensure that the heat will be distributed across the paellera. She bought the “paella kit” from Gourdo’s; I forgot how much it was though.


Starting off the process with lots of chorizo! Look at all the chorizo juicessss. Yummy!


Adding the other ingredients and letting the paella rice soak up all the chicken stock. Let me just say, the paella rice (I think my sister used arborio) is next level; it was really soaking up the stock. I think it was absorbing the liquid twice or thrice more as compared to regular rice.

Tada!!! The finished product! It was sooo delicious!!! The shrimps were only on one side since sister #2 does not eat seafood.


Siyempre, we didn’t just have paella haha. We also had a crunchy-on-the-outside-juicy-on-the-inside pork belly and grilled veggies with balsamic vinaigrette & feta cheese. Oh & grandma brought pancit palabok and we also ordered Roast Beef from a friend’s restaurant.

Our Noche Buena spread! No photos of the dessert anymore haha! We had Coffee Jelly with ice cream and Kahlua. ❤



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