Two Saturdays ago, we (husband, my mom and me) found ourselves driving around Molito in Alabang in search of a place to have dinner. Since Mom didn’t want anything too heavy, after confirming that Cravings still had their soup and salad buffet, we opted to eat here. Their interiors were nice; they had the high … More Cravings

Zark’s Burgers

The Husband’s interest has been piqued by Zark’s ever since word came around about their Jawbreaker Challenge. This particular challenge is for you to consume their Jawbreaker burger within 5 minutes and it’s free (no shirt?). Lifted from their menu, the Jawbreaker burger is described as three cheeseburgers with Spam, bacon and overflowing cheese sauce … More Zark’s Burgers

Starbucks Promo

I saw a post from one of my friends from Facebook that Starbucks has a half price Frappuccino promo on May 1 to 10 from 3pm-5pm however good thing I double checked the Starbucks Philippines Facebook page because as it turns out this promo is for the US and not here in the Philippines, boo! 😛 … More Starbucks Promo

Crazy Katsu

We love Japanese food and we can’t always eat in the expensive restaurants every time we crave for Japanese food. We love to try new restaurants and hopefully find a cheap alternative to our cravings. Crazy Katsu has been opened for a while now and I’m just so happy that they decided to open one … More Crazy Katsu