Lo De Alberto, J. Vargas Ortigas

After an errand with Mr. A, we decided the try out this new restaurant in City Golf along J. Vargas. We were supposed to have buffalo wings at Frankie’s but it was taking too long for a table so we crossed over to Lo De Alberto. They replaced Bugsy’s restaurant, if you’re familiar with that area. The ambiance is lively and the interiors bright and welcoming.

Their menu is on top of the bar and it’s pay as you order. They already accept debit and credit cards which is a plus since there’s no ATM in the area. I took a while to order (as usual) since I wanted to try everything! But since it was just me and Mr. A I had to make my decision count. 😀







Upon entering, the owners warmly welcome you. I guess you know it’s a legit Mexican restaurant because the owners (or some of them) are actual Mexicans hehe. Pretty sure because of their accent. They will provide a few recommendations but they won’t smother you with too much attention and just stand beside you while you decide, if you get what I mean.

Suadero Burrito (Php 230) — melt-in-your-mouth beef, seasoned Mexico style
Horchata (Php 80) — milky drink made from ground almonds, tiger nuts, or rice. This one was made of rice & cinnamon.
Enchiladas con Pollo (Php 295) — rolled corn tortillas with chicken fillings drenched in salsa, sour cream, and cheese

There was quite a bit of wait for the food but it was worth it. The steak burrito was not that warm according to Mr. A but it was still full of flavour and the beef was tender. I loved the Horchata, I didn’t really taste the rice part of it; it tasted milky and cinnamon-y (? :D) The enchiladas were a hit! I devoured them, haha. And it’s under the ‘sharing’ menu! I did share, Mr. A took 1 bite. 🙂 The tortilla was crunchy, the chicken inside was tender, the salsa was perfect, and I loved the pickled onions on top.

When we were done, one of the (Mexican) owners asked us about the food so we said that we loved it and she said that the Enchiladas was on top of her list, second to the Flautas (mental note to order this next time). We were on lolo and lola mode since we came from work but will definitely go back for the sangria and margarita.

Lo De Alberto Taqueria
City Golf Plaza,
Dona Julia Vargas Ave.
Brgy. Ugong, Pasig City
Monday to Saturday, 11AM to 2AM
Sunday, 11AM to 10PM
(02) 2469069 ext. 456


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