Foodie Finds 01

I’m not one to go with fashion trends but good food finds? Count me in! Here are a few things I’ve tried over the past few months. Hoping to add other discoveries to this “series” real soon. 🙂

BLK 513

Don’t be fooled (or scared?) by the black/gray color of this yogurt. Its smooth & creamy texture will surely satisfy your palate. According to BLK 513’s Facebook page, they are the country’s first activated-charcoal enhanced frozen yogurt. Activated charcoal is a global remedy for anti-aging, bloating, and heart health. I love how they layer the toppings so that you don’t finish all the toppings before you get to the middle. They have a whole range of toppings & sauces that you can choose from so there’s something for everyone. I ordered a Dark Skim Cup which has 1 crunch, 2 fruits, & 1 sauce for Php 185. I had mangoes, strawberries, faux Ferrero (milk chocolate, hazelnut, & crispy cereal), and milk chocolate syrup.


Lava Cheese Tart

I love, love, love cheese! So it was a given that I will eventually try this. They have 3 flavors now (2 when I first tried it) — Original, Gorgonzola & Honey, and the Limited Edition Prosciutto & Melon Gelee. True to their posters, these tarts are definitely perfectly golden brown on the outside and soft & gooey on the inside. It is quite pricey though but I’ll still buy it every once in a while. Php 85/piece, Php 255/box of 3, & Php 480/box of 6.


Purple Yam Affogato

After a hearty lunch in Estancia Mall, Mr. A and I had dessert at Purple Yam cafe. They have a whole range of ice cream flavors to choose from that are out of the ordinary — macapuno, avocado, banana caramel, strawberry rhubarb, & of course ube/purple yam to name a few. I had their Affogato (Php 200), shot of espresso with a scoop of nipa pandan ice cream. It was strooong (duh) but very flavorful. The ice cream flavor was not your usual vanilla but the subtle flavor of the pandan was just right. This is just a screenshot of a gif that I have, still can’t upload gifs hehe.


Vietnamese Iced Coffee

One very hot and humid afternoon, Mr. A and I went to Greenhills to watch a movie and decided to have late lunch at Zao. I decided to get a Vietnamese Iced Coffee (Php 155) to help cool me down. It’s a strong highland roast coffee using the traditional filter method combined with sweet milk and poured over a glass of ice. It had just the right kick and it definitely hit the spot.

Vietnamese Iced Coffee

Green Pastures small plates

Mr. A and I had a short (but sweet) midweek lunch last week and since we couldn’t go far, we just had lunch at Green Pastures which is around his work area. They are known for serving organic, farm to table food. These 2 dishes were a hit for me and I could eat them

KFC (Korean Fried Cauliflower) Php 230 — soy glazed with house made Sriracha mayo. It was crispy/crunchy in the outside and moist & flavorful in the inside. I could eat it as it is without the Sriracha mayo, but the sauce also brings a different flavor to it.


House Made Cheese (served with toast bread) Php 270 — ricotta: cow’s milk, made fresh daily with onion jam, & roasted garlic. This was heavenly! You spread the roasted garlic first on the toasted bread then put a generous amount of the cheese & onion jam on top. I loved the jam with the cheese; it brought a whole other flavor to the cheese which complemented it well. One thing I can say about this dish is I hope they serve it with more bread next time. We could’ve ordered more but the first serving should have more pieces of bread, IMO.



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