Ogetsu Hime, SM Aura

Mr. A and I were on our way out of BGC to go home last night but traffic was worse than usual so we decided to just go to SM Aura and have dinner.

He just had a procedure done to his throat last Wednesday so we couldn’t just eat anywhere. We were thinking of cold soba because he was advised to eat something cold more often after the procedure to soothe the pain. We passed by Ogetsu and asked if they had cold soba, when they said yes, we didn’t bother to look anywhere else.

This was our first time eating in Ogetsu Hime so we didn’t know what to expect. Upon perusing the menu, I felt overwhelmed (in a good way) because they had so much food to choose from. Of course, we ordered the cold soba but then they had a sale on some of their teppanyaki offerings so last minute Mr. A ordered wagyu hehe.

To start off, we had some Norwegian Salmon sashimi. Look at that marbling! It was creamy, buttery, and melt-in-your-mouth. I’m a tuna girl but Mr. A wanted salmon so we ordered that which means I get to choose what roll to get. 🙂

Php 450

Now, on to my choice. I looove cheese! So when I saw this, it was a winner for me. This is the Momo Tera Maki. It is a foil wrapped heated chicken teriyaki & asparagus rolled in orange ebiko and topped with creamy bechamel, torched mozzarella cheese & light teriyaki sauce topped with crunchy bacon bits. It tastes as good as it sounds & looks! It was so good & cheesy! This is the only photo I have of it. They serve it with the foil closed and they will do the big reveal on your table.

Php 205

The noodles,  Tenzaru Chasoba, came and we were surprised to see how huge the order was and we still had the wagyu teppanyaki. The noodles were flavorful and the sauce was very good. The order came with 2 pieces of Ebi Tempura. I had 2 mouthfuls of the noodles & 1 piece of tempura and they did not disappoint.

Php 350

Eto na ang pahabol na order, hehe. This is the Japanese Wagyu Steak with Spicy Kurobota Sausage, original price is Php 900 and it was being offered at 50% off. The beef was really tender. I didn’t need to teeth to bite it!

Php 450



We definitely need to go back to try their other dishes. There were a lot more Japan’s Best Beef teppanyaki offerings which were so tempting at 50% off.

Ogetsu Hime
5F, SM Aura Premiere, 
C5 Corner 26th Street,
BGC, Taguig
Monday to Friday, 11 AM to 2 PM, 5:30 PM to 10 PM
Saturday to Sunday, 11 AM to 11 PM
(02) 5199840
(02) 5199740


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