Crunchy Crab, Kapitolyo

A few weeks ago, Mr. A was still craving for seafood after our Friday lent dinner. So the day after, we invited our friends to try out Crunchy Crab in Kapitolyo (in front of Ace Water Spa). I booked a reservation via the Booky app again and we got P200 off from our total bill plus a free dessert.

Love the cute shrimp detail on the table




There’s a good choice of different items on the menu but their specialty is seafood so it takes up most of the choices. They have 1 chicken dish and 1 pork, both are rice toppings.

For appetizers, we had the Baked Mussels and Crab Dynamite — shredded crab & veggies with cheese stuffed inside green chilis. This was good but it got too spicy for me, haha! The sauce that came with it was quite small considering the huge chilis but when we asked for more, they were charging Php 15 for it. We didn’t bother and just asked for ketchup & mayo.

Crab Dynamite (Php 165)
Baked Mussels (Php 320)

As we were a group of 5, we were able to try quite a few items from their menu. Of course, we had their crabs and shrimps in a bucket in different sauces. To accompany all the savory food we’ll have, I ordered the Strawberry Kiwi Shake.


Without further ado, below are the best sellers that we ordered. Their claim to fame is the Soft Shell Crab Burger which we did not order. Sorry for soft shell crab lovers but I am not a fan *peace*. Not in picture anymore but we also ordered about 6 pieces of corn cob (Php 15 per 1/3 piece) and a few cups of steamed white rice.

Fish Taco (Php 160)
SanFo Fish & Chips (Php 185)
Shrimp Bucket in Mango Tango Sauce (Php 310 for 1/2 lb)
Crab Bucket in Salted Egg Sauce (Php 999; 3 buckets x 300g)
Crab Bucket in Original Sauce (oyster sauce based)

Thanks to my Booky app reservation, after answering the survey and showing it to the server we got a free dessert of 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce, yay! We ordered another dessert to share which is their Lemon Cheesecake.



We had such a nice time that we ended up staying until closing. The boys already had one of the owners stuck with them and the girls had a nice catch up time.

Crunchy Crab
16 United Street, Kapitolyo, Pasig City
Monday to Sunday, 11 AM to 11 PM
+63 9754845084


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