Providore, SM Aura

Last Friday, before watching Beauty and the Beast with Mr. A, my sister and her husband we had dinner at Providore first. I let my sister choose the restaurant since she’s the picky eater. 😛 I’ve been meaning to try out this restaurant as well so I didn’t mind her choice at all.

TIMG_9309he facade/entrance reminded me of a French bistro/cafe; I haven’t been to France but I’m just basing this from movies with French scenes. 🙂 The smell of pastries welcomes you in and a mouth watering display of cakes will challenge your will power — I think this was a test since it was a Friday in Lent. Upon reaching our booth, we were handed the menus and I started surveying their offerings. They have quite a number of dishes to choose from and they also have Filipino dishes available. I wanted to try a lot of the dishes but as mentioned we went on a Friday and I couldn’t eat meat. I promised myself that I’ll follow this strictly; no meat every Friday of Lent. But I was sooo tempted when I was looking at the menu.

While still deciding what to get for dinner, we ordered an appetizer which is mouthwatering to say the least. Just a few of my favorite things in one dish — Garlic Butter Potato Chips (Php 175). I couldn’t get enough of this! Would have ordered another one but we still had the rest of dinner to think about, so nag pigil na ako.


To join our yummy chips, we ordered the Providore Salad (Php 350) which had fresh avocado, crispy bacon, Bleu cheese, cranberries & walnuts, arugula, market greens, served with buttermilk ranch dressing. True to the type, it is one of their Big Plate Salads and it was more than enough for the 4 of us but could easily fill up 2 persons with just this.


Providore also offers a few fountain specialties drinks and quite a number of floats & shakes. We settled on 2 drinks from their fountain specialties — my brother in law and I had the Calamansi Lychee Cooler (Php 120) which has fresh calamansi, lychee, topped with club soda & mint; while my sister had the Raspberry “Almond Palmer” (Php 150) which is half freshly brewed iced tea & half fresh lemonade with lemons & raspberry syrup. I loved both! They were refreshing and went well with the food. They actually have a lot of other drinks to offer; they have a coffee bar, craft beers, a tea salon, wines & sodas.

Mr A. ordered from the Filipino table options and had a Mami Molo (Php 295). It has molo dumpling, beef brisket, mami noodles, topped with pechay, crispy native onions, and spring onions. I only had a taste of the soup because I couldn’t eat the dumpling since it had meat. The broth was very flavorful and surprisingly tasted of both mami & molo soup; it was weird tasting both flavors in one but it did not disappoint.


Since I couldn’t have pork, chicken, or beef, I had the Salmon Grill Plate (Php 595). The fish comes with a Greek salad, healthy wild mountain rice, fresh lemon, and dill lemon yogurt. Since I’m staying away from rice, I asked what I could replace the rice with and was informed that I could get a salad instead. It was just mixed greens with vinaigrette but delicious nonetheless. The salmon was grilled to perfection, it was still juicy and had the smoky taste of the grill. The dill lemon yogurt was a great sauce for the fish and the Greek salad.


Providore has a whole lot of other dishes to offer. They still have merienda plates and dessert plates and those floats & fountain shakes that I have yet to try. I would have loved to try the other delectable and appetizing dishes but the dishes calling me were all pork or beef dishes, haha! Pag lalo atang bawal, maslalong kine-crave. They have the Winner Winner Chicken Dinner, Decadent Bone Marrow Burger, Provodore Pastrami Melt, Chicken a la Kiev, & the Steel Plate Cooked Garlic Butter “Salpicao” Steak to name a few. I will definitely go back for the Salpicao. We didn’t have dessert here anymore because my brother in law wanted to try Honey Creme.

There’s something for someone anytime of the day you drop by at Providore. We had a pleasant dinner here; the servers were attentive and quick to help if we had questions or needed anything.  Can’t wait to go back. 🙂

Ground Floor, SM Aura Premier, C5
Corner 26th Street, Bonifacio
Global City, Taguig City
Monday to Sunday, 10 AM to 10 PM
(02) 8029448


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