Kantori Yakitori

A few months ago my sister’s boyfriend and his 2 business partners opened Kantori Yakitori along Aguirre Avenue in BF Homes, Paranaque. If you’re familiar with the area, they are now situated where Charbroiled Gourmet Palate used to be.

Signage facade

Photo Credit: Kantori Yakitori

They were off to a good start but admittedly, as with any other businesses on soft opening, there have been a few kinks here and there. But they are now officially open and there is no stopping this yakitori place. And let me get this out there, you can really say that they are authentic since my sister’s boyfriend is actually half Japanese!

I’m not biased but they really serve good food and have a good combination of items to choose from and mind you, it is not expensive at all.

They’ve already been featured quite a few times in different articles like The Booky Report, Spot.ph (twice!), Southern Living magazine, and even Manila Bulletin. 🙂

Here are a few of my favorites (taken from my personal & foodtripping Instagram account unless otherwise specified):

Atsuage (P48) – tofu, tobiko kewpie, bonito flakes // Shiitake (P48) – garlic confit, kewpie, bonito flakes // Asparabacon (P48) – bacon wrapped asparagus


Sushi Fireball (P58)- kimchi, cheese, nori, kewpie


Shiro (P48; intestines or isaw) with kewpie and tobiko – can I just share how meticulous they are when preparing this? They cut the intestines in half and lay it flat, wash it, and skewers it on the barbecue stick alternately (not sure how to describe this properly, hehe). They also offer other parts like thigh, meatball, liver, gizzard and heart. 😀


They have a whole lot more of other food offerings like yakisoba, chicken wings, okonomiyaki, miso soup, kamameshi rice (yummy!), and the saikoro beef just to name a few. The saikoro beef, let me highlight, is extremely soft and melts in your mouth.

They also offer alcoholic drinks that are really affordable:

Beerkada Beergarita – Asahi beer, tequila, lime & syrup; good deal at P188 plus it’s good for 2, so technically that’s P94 per person — that is if you share. 😉


Mango Beer Mojito (P108) – Pale Pilsen, rum, mango, mint, brown sugar & lime


House Infused Sake, served cold or warm (P78 for a 60ml serving; P308 for 240ml); they have 3 flavors for the infused sake – Pineapple, Green Tea and Maple Bacon, pictured below is the 3rd one.


They also have a good selection of Japanese Whiskys, take your pick! Or why not have a whisky tasting flight and have a taste of Hibiki 17, Nikka Miyagiko 15, Suntory Kakubin Whisky at 20ml each for only P550.

Photo Credit: Kantori Yakitori

One visit is definitely not enough for me to enjoy all my favorite Kantori dishes. If I still lived in the South, I would probably eat here on average twice a week (not counting weekend hang outs :P).

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#51 Unit D Aguirre Ave.,
BF Homes, Paranaque

Operating Hours:
Sunday-Thurday 5PM-12AM
Friday-Saturday 5PM-2AM

“You don’t need a silver fork to eat good food.” – Paul Prudhomme


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