Trip Down Memory Lane

I read somewhere that newly wed brides usually go through depression after the wedding. Why? Because of not having to prepare for the wedding anymore. No more looking at bridal magazines, no more going to wedding fairs, no more food tasting and all that jazz. I guess they crash after the wedding high.

Good thing I didn’t have to go through this after our wedding but I do miss all the wedding “madness”. My sister got engaged recently so I guess that’s a good thing as I will get to experience planning a wedding again and be heavily involved with the wedding activities and to be able to help them will all the details.

Mr. A and I just got back from a friend’s wedding and I still remember all the details of our own wedding like it was yesterday. I love going to weddings! I love listening to the vows, the messages of the family and friends, every little detail. I miss how I’d spend hours and hours looking over bridal magazines, Pinterest, Google, and all the wedding websites I found. I even miss bickering with Mr. A over the little details, haha!

Unfortunately, my Daddy didn’t make it to my wedding anymore. He died 2 years prior and for a time I couldn’t stay during the father-daughter dance. Oh, how I would tear up every single time! With the other weddings that we’ve attended after our own, Mr. A and I would step out every time it was time for the father-daughter dance. I can “tolerate” it now, but sometimes it still gets to me and I still need to step out. Being a Daddy’s girl and all, it was really hard.

On a lighter note, it was fun hanging out with our friends tonight and witnessing another union of 2 beautiful people.


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