Learning The Ropes

It is true that you won’t know a person until you’ve lived with them.

My husband and I have been together for 9 years (& 4 months to be exact) when we got married and let me tell you I’m still discovering a lot of things about him. How he’s quiet when he wakes up while I’m almost always perky, haha! For the first few days, I would always ask him why he’s so grumpy but for in reality he’s just like a diesel engine that needs a bit of time before he can warm up.

wedding pic01I won’t go into detail but being married is so much fun! We got married 11/12/13 and yes, we really chose the date since it’s unique and I heard somewhere (I can’t remember now) that it’s lucky since is sequential. After we got married people would always ask me/us how is it being married and all I can answer is it’s fun. Another thing I say is that I feel that our relationship was brought to a higher level. Not just because we got promoted from being girlfriend-boyfriend to being husband & wife but because now our union has the blessing of the church. Being married is really a big step and it’s no joke. Now, I have the responsibility of caring for another person and putting my needs aside because I have to think of my husband first. Not only in making sure that he is fed well, he has clean clothes, he has a warm bed to go home to but also his spiritual being. One of our weekend must do is going to church. And being the wife, I feel it is my responsibility to make sure that he is regularly hearing mass as well.

Growing up, I can say that I’ve had a good example on marriage with my parents. They were married for 28 years before my Daddy passed away before they got to spend their 29th anniversary. He had a massive heart attack and died after 2 weeks of being in a coma. My Daddy was a good provider and good spoiler to his wife and children. It was like a rug was pulled under us and we had to help each other cope with his loss. I really admired our Mom after it happened and I admire her up to now. Admittedly, Daddy spoiled Mommy and we had to start taking care of all the ‘important’ stuff – like mortgage, insurances, and the like. I guess now that I’m married we have to ensure that this is all covered and don’t be too proud to say that we don’t need to talk about this since we’re still too young. With the many years that they’ve been married, I can say that I’ve only seen them fight twice and this was not even physical or shouting – just a very loud conversation. 😛 And one thing I remember about my Dad is my sister and I were fighting and he scolded us and spanked me. After a few hours, he found out that it wasn’t my fault, he actually went to my room and said sorry.

On a lighter note, one of the things I love about my husband is his humour. He makes me laugh about the smallest and most mundane things. He’s very affectionate – both in words and actions – but when he does say something sweet or does something that is sweet it makes me appreciate it more. He’s not very showy and doesn’t like buying “non sense” things (like flowers, for instance) but for Valentine’s, when I woke up he gave me 3 roses made out of tissue paper, haha!

multitasking-womanI hope I get to meet other wonderful wives and mommies out there who I can look up to and ask advice from. 🙂 My tagline says I’m a housewife wannabe because for as long as I can remember that’s what I want to be/do. I am fully aware that it is a 24 hour job especially when we eventually have kids. And when we do, I want to be at home and stay with them and serve them and nurture them. I envision myself staying at home and cooking for my husband and children and managing my online business at the same time – which I hope to start someday as well. I know it’s going to be crazy but I’m looking forward to this kind of crazy, haha! I currently have a corporate job which I love but family comes first, of course, and I hope I will fulfil my vision soon. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Learning The Ropes

  1. I envisioned myself too sis as a stay at home mom. So I can do all my crochet projects, I can blog more at the same time taking care of my twins.



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