Two Saturdays ago, we (husband, my mom and me) found ourselves driving around Molito in Alabang in search of a place to have dinner. Since Mom didn’t want anything too heavy, after confirming that Cravings still had their soup and salad buffet, we opted to eat here.

Their interiors were nice; they had the high ceiling style and had an open kitchen concept. They had a cute accent wall by the entrance filled with knick knacks. The cakes were also displayed by the entrance.




We surveyed the menu and decided on our main dishes. If you order a main dish, it already includes the soup and salad buffet. The soup and salad buffet by itself is priced at P295.

Mom decided to order Lemon Grass Iced Tea, at P60 it was reasonable, right? Until it was served in a water glass. Mom complained about it since it wasn’t bottomless so at the very least it could have been served in a taller glass, we were informed however that that’s how they really serve it; they just gave Mom another glass.



Husband ordered the Sizzling Tenderloin with garlic rice and was a bit disappointed. It looked better on the menu and it looked cramped in the small circular sizzling plate. The meat was soft but not a wow for us.


I had the Almond Crusted Fish with Garlic Aoili dip and potatoes, this was ok. The fish was tender and the almond crust crunchy. It could have been served with more potatoes, but I love potatoes so the how many pieces they served with the fish will really be bitin for me.



The soup and salad buffet had 2 soups – Molo and Cream of Mushroom – and correct me if I’m wrong but Molo soup should have siomai in it, right? This didn’t. Either it really didn’t have any or it ran out and wasn’t refilled; the soup was just left with siomai wrapper. The Cream of Mushroom on the other hand was yummy; plus they had condiments for the soup like croutons, garlic bits, and crispy wanton that added flavor to the soups. The salad buffet has the usual salad ingredients – cucumber, carrots, mushrooms, onions, singkamas, pineapples, and the like. They also had about 4-5 different dressings to choose from – balsamic vinaigrette, Caesar dressing, ranch dressing and the like



To be honest, we weren’t that happy with the food that we ordered. Maybe we’ll be back to try the other food items they have but it will not be on the top of our restaurant list. The servers were nice and was always ready to refill our water; which is a plus for me since you know they are being attentive to the customers.

I just hope they change their iced tea glasses soon. 🙂

El Molito Bldg., Madrigal Ave.
Alabang, Muntinlupa

Operating Hours:
11:00 AM to 9:00 PM(Monday-Thursday & Sunday);
11:00 AM to 10:00 PM (Friday-Sunday)

“An empty belly is the best cook.” – Estonian Proverb



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