Starbucks Promo

I saw a post from one of my friends from Facebook that Starbucks has a half price Frappuccino promo on May 1 to 10 from 3pm-5pm however good thing I double checked the Starbucks Philippines Facebook page because as it turns out this promo is for the US and not here in the Philippines, boo! 😛 Sayang, I was already having Frappuccino daydreams. If I’m craving for a frappuccino, especially with this hot weather, I always order a Twice Blended Mocha Frappuccino — since it’s twice blended, you won’t get too much ice bits in the drink and it ends up really creamy, sometimes I order it with blended whip (whip cream is blended with the drink and not placed on top) as well to make it extra creamy; unless of course you prefer the ice bits then just order it as it is.

Here’s a screenshot of Starbucks Philippines announcement on the promo —




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