Who doesn’t love T.G.I.Friday’s? It’s our go to restaurant when celebrating birthdays in the family but we always find excuses to eat here in between. Just like Starbucks (I believe), the staff is trained to always make the customer feel that they are getting the best service. They are trained to anticipate what you might need – may it be refilling sodas, clearing out plates to singing birthday songs for any celebrant.

Here are a few of the family’s favorites and are on repeat order —

1) Caesar Salad – I always ask for extra dressing and use it to dip my fries.

Caesar Salad

2) Friday’s Three For All (Buffalo Wings, Loaded Potato Skins & Mozzarella Sticks) – all the yummy best sellers in one plate! Saves you from ordering each appetizer on it’s own and getting too full to feast on the main dishes. 🙂

Friday's Three For All

3) Jack Daniel’s Chicken – I love the sauce of any Jack Daniel’s dish. Depends on our mood, we usually substitute the veggies with fries haha yes, mashed potatoes AND fries! 🙂

Jack Daniel's Salmon

Some other mains that we love are the Mushroom, Chicken & Mushrooms, Chicken Tenders (of course), Fish and Chips, Friday’s Shrimp to name a few.

Now, off to dessert. We usually request for the desserts to be microwaved a few seconds so that it won’t be frozen when served because we get too excited to eat to wait for it to soften a bit.

1) Oreo Madness

Oreo Madness

2) Mocha Mudpie – if chocolate-almond mousse and coffee ice cream doesn’t entice you, I admire your will!


This a bit on the upscale restaurant but it’s really worth it and if you’re celebrating any special occasion this is a good place to indulge. 🙂


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